Casino Marketing 101

As a 20 year gaming veteran and casino executive, our CEO Mark Gore understands that understanding the correlation between house advantage and the theoretical win that the game produces. It is imperative to understand the variables that affect a casino’s overall hold percentage, the negative and positive cycles of gaming, and the absolute reasons as to why a particular cycle is occurring.

Executives often get house advantage and hold percentage mixed up or think they are the same thing. Games are designed with a house advantage or a built-in edge. This means that the game will, over time, perform exactly the way it was designed to perform. The hold percentage of a game however, can be manipulated by several factors, thus making the game a moving target. Any given game generates a theoretical win for the casino, this is how a casino creates its comps and what all casino marketing programs should be based off.

Great casino marketing executives know how theoretical win is calculated and how it correlates with a game’s house advantage.

Common sense would lead me to believe that those involved in casino operations are aware of the importance that house advantage plays in table-game revenue. As such, it seems that a casino executive should be able to communicate the THEO or percentages easily and efficiently with no margin of error. These traits should be expected and maintained. Unfortunately however, many casino marketing executives cannot do this as they believe it is not within their scope of duties. Gore Gaming says it’s time to learn.

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